Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First post

Hi All,

Well after reading Ivan's and Greg's Blogs I decided it was time for me to jump into the Blogsphere.

Im originally from England. I am a USCF National Master current rating 2253. I am the current co-IL State Chess Champion for 2008. I tied for second place in the state championship.

I was once over 2300 and hope to be over 2300 once again. I also dream of becoming a Fide Master which requires my FIDE Rating to one day go over 2300 but thats a long way in the future.

I am going to use this blog to share games some news from IL. Maybe talk some about the chicago blaze which I have played one match for so far.


Greg said...

May I have your permission to link to this blog from mine? I am certain that your postings will be valuable to others, including myself.

likesforests said...

Good luck, Jon.

transformation said...

jon, you are now in one of the footnotes to my blog's most current post :).

nice seeing you around and:

welcome aboard! warm regards, dk

Polly said...

WElcome to the Blogosphere. I look forward to reading more of your post. I found the comments you left in Greg's blog very useful.

chesstiger said...

Welcome to the digital world of blogging!

chesstiger said...

Hmmm, just checked the date of this first post. Maybe Ivan and Greg can push the author to atleast enter another blog post? :-)

Andrew said...

Jon: Could not find your e-mail address, but would like to personally invite you to the Hales Corners Challenge IX. We have loosened the rules about masters. You get a complimentary entry and the only rule is that if you win any prize, then we deduct the entry fee from your winnings. Other than that, you have the same privileges as any other player, to include dropping out if you want. Hope you can make it. Take care. Robin, Southwest Chess Club